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FLAT OUT FACTS from IMPAC5, Post 2: Northern Shelf Bioregion

(IMPAC5) The 5th International Marine Protected Areas Congress was held in Vancouver, BC between February 5th and 9th, 2023.

Now that it’s wrapped up, we’re sharing some newsworthy Flat out Facts about marine conservation in Canada in a series of three posts this week.

The Government of Canada and its partners announced their endorsement of the Northern Shelf Bioregion Marine Protected Area Network Action Plan at IMPAC5.

Where Is The Northern Shelf Bioregion (NSB) And Why Is This Newsworthy?

  • This marine area is located along the British Columbia coast, extending from the top of Vancouver Island to the Canada-United States border at Alaska.

  • It covers 101,663 square kilometres, accounting for approximately 1.7% of Canada’s total marine area.

  • The bioregion comprises some of the most productive and profitable harvest areas for many of BC’s fisheries.

  • The waters of the NSB account for a large proportion (at least 75%) of commercial fishing revenue in BC.

  • More than 90% of BC’s commercial harvest of wild Pacific halibut takes place in the Northern Shelf Bioregion.

What Does The Endorsement Of The Northern Shelf Bioregion Network Action Plan Mean?

The endorsement of the Northern Shelf Bioregion Network Action Plan by the Government of Canada and its partners means that the plans to create additional protected areas within this vital fishing area will move forward. This will impact harvest opportunities which will affect businesses, BC fishing families and crews based in the NSB and elsewhere in the province.


NAP – mpanetwork

NAP-Compendium-3-web.pdf (

First marine refuge within the Northern Shelf Bioregion is established -

BCSA New Government Marine Plan to Have Major Impacts on BC Fisheries.pdf

February 16, 2023

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