Commercial halibut fishermen formed the Pacific Halibut Management Association of BC (PHMA) so the industry could work collaboratively with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and other stakeholders to ensure the sustainable management of Canada's wild Pacific halibut fishery. The association participates in international and domestic halibut advisory committees, advocates for commercial fishermen and works jointly with DFO on fisheries science and management activities. For example, since 2006 PHMA and DFO have collaborated on a fishery independent rockfish survey program to collect data and biological samples for use in scientific stock assessment purposes.

Commercial fishers and their families have been harvesting wild Pacific halibut and providing food to Canada and the world since the late 1880s. Today there are fourth and fifth generation commercial fishing families participating in the fishery. We want to ensure the fishery can continue to provide jobs for British Columbians and food for Canadians and around the world into the future.

The PHMA is very proud of the approach we have taken for the sustainable management of the Pacific halibut resource. Commercial halibut fishermen have worked hard over the years to transform their fishery into an example of how a fishery should be managed sustainably, scientifically, and collaboratively across stakeholder groups.